Hottest IT Market + Sex = ?

Posted by Barry Flanagan on Mar 19th, 2008
Mar 19


Virtualization is the hottest IT market today. Everyone in the software industry is trying to get a piece of the action in virtualization. I am not sure you need sex to sell something this hot, but apparently someone thinks you do.




That is  a  very unique example of technical public speaking. I can safely say I have never seen "visuals" like that during a presentation on virtualization.


This is part of a contest to pick the "Virtualization Girl", a spokesperson for a blog on the virtualization market apparently . I love the irony of a blog that includes the word "intelligence" in it’s name is using sex to sell a blog.   


Based on this example, it doesn’t appear "Virtualization Girl" will be hindered by the "Curse of Knowledge"  .You could argue that this is simply a way to build rapport with the audience through understanding what results they would like to achieve (all part of the Six Rs of Communication) . The great majority of the IT Market is still men. It is not at all unusual to see beautiful women used to pull in booth traffic at a technology trade show (known as "booth babes"). I have seen extreme examples where startups used strippers and "escorts" to do this.  I can’t imagine those types of leads end up being all that valuable however, since the reason for interest has nothing to do with the benefits of the product.  But since this is a website whose model is likely based on advertising, this may turn out differently.             


You can see the videos announcing the contest here. More audition videos are planned to be posted at the website


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