Blogging, or the lack thereof…

Posted by Barry Flanagan on May 15th, 2008
May 15

Unfortunately I have fallen well behind in posting to this blog. My day job just keeps interrupting every time I think I have some time to post.  :)



My company is hosting our annual user conference next week ( ), and I have been blogging a great deal about the content ( I have also been putting together a barcamp at the event (see for background on barcamps) and putting together a plan to do live and recorded video interviews at the event.



I hope the buzz and interest generated by the barcamp and the live video coverage (straight form a Nokia N95 cell phone to then pumped over to a special channel on Mogulus TV at justify the time investment required to pull them off . We will also be posting hundreds of recorded interviews via BrightCove TV, and sending Twitter updates on the keynote sessions and announcements. I am going to announce the video coverage on our corporate blog on Sunday night. It will be interesting to see the response. The response of our own marketing department has certainly kept me on my toes.



I plan to start video blogging here as a result of the experience, however. Qik not only allows me to broadcast directly into Mogulus TV, but will also allow me to automatically send my videos over to YouTube (at least until I find a Wordpreess plugin for Qik that works). I created a separate YouTube account just for this blog, and I will be sending the videos directly to it. I am looking forward to experimenting with video blogging.. At least I will not have to worry about all the typos I typically make….<grin>






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Search the Public Speaking Blogosphere

Posted by Barry Flanagan on Apr 9th, 2008
Apr 9


Google has a great tool called "Custom Search Engine". I use this tool quite a bit in my day job. Jason Bailes recently posted a Google Custom Search specifically designed for LinkedIN Groups. He added a link to it in the comments on my recent post about Public Speaking groups on LinkedIN. (The link to Jason’s custom search engine is here ).


I decided to create a custom search engine for public speaking blogs that I visit regularly. Click here to search a list of public speaking blogs for specific keywords. I have been trying for several days to get this Google CSE to work as either a widget or page on my blog, but so far I have not had any luck (The results never show up right, no matter which method I try). Until I get that figured out, you can just use the link above.


This list primarily includes public speaking blogs. I have added a couple of mind mapping sites as well, since I use mind mapping software in my preparation process.


If you would like to suggest a great public speaking (or mind mapping) blog for inclusion in the site, please drop me a line.






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