More Bad Powerpoint

Posted by Barry Flanagan on Feb 29th, 2008
Feb 29


After my last post on The Technical Speakers Crutch, I have a couple more follow up videos I wanted to add to have them in the archives. Two more great examples of bad powerpoint from YouTube are below…









You may have seen the last one before, before it it such a great laugh (and so true!) it is worth watching again.


 Mike Futty at wrote an article called "Death by PowerPoint" that has some interesting survey numbers and a comparison of slides by two famous CEO’s. Here is a snippet -





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4 Responses

  1. T. Benjamin Larsen Says:

    Hi there Barry. Really nice site you’ve got going so naturally it was something of a kick to see you use my JFK vs PP clip.

    Cheers, T. Benjamin Larsen

  2. Barry Flanagan Says:


    I am glad to see that you like the blog. Thanks for making the video and sharing it on YouTube. It certainly helps to drive home the point.


  3. Breaking Murphy’s Law » Blog Archive » The Weekly Might Have Missed List (5/10/08) Says:

    [...] Public Speaking for Geeks: More Bad Powerpoint [...]

  4. Han Says:

    Nice video..i`m loving it..

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